The creators of the world’s first motorcycle helmet with top ventilation system have been cooperating with Honda Motor Europe since 2014, and the brand name comes from the combat and richly decorated helmets of the samurai.

The Japanese brand Kabuto, a leader in the production of high quality motorcycle and bicycle helmets, enters the Bulgarian market for the first time. It enters our country through Bultraco AD, official representative of Honda in our country. The name means samurai combat helmet, highly decorated and made with extreme precision, and behind it it has 35 years of history and over seven patents. Kabuto is also famous for its handmade models.


Revolutionary solutions and patents


In 1992, the Japanese manufacturer made a real revolution with its model RS-1R – the world’s first helmet with top ventilation system, and six years later another innovation came on the market – a helmet with an aerodynamic spoiler.


Today, Kabuto is partnering with the University of Tokyo in Japan, in whose wind tunnel it is testing its products and whose base it uses for testing and CFD simulations (computational fluid dynamics).


In 2014, Kabuto began its cooperation with Honda Motor Europe Italy for distribution on the local market, and since last year – for the whole of Europe.


When safety meets style


The main message of the brand is Safety Meets Style. High quality, aerodynamics, light weight and excellent sound insulation are the strong advantages of Kabuto. Behind every helmet and helmet of the brand are many years of research and intensive testing in a wind tunnel. The products bearing the romantic name of the samurai combat helmets of the past are tested and developed jointly with professional motorcyclists. Kabuto helmets and helmets owe their low weight and strength to the high-tech composite materials (A.C.T.) used in their production.

Wide range and wide price range


The design of each model is designed so that when accelerating and reducing less load is felt on the neck of the rider. They are also comfortable for people wearing prescription glasses. The full range of Kabuto includes helmets and helmets suitable for every class of motorcycle – from urban models with small displacement to serious off-road machines. The price range varies from BGN 299 to BGN 869. Helmets can also be ordered at https://bmeshop.bg/kabuto


1982 – ventilation system in the upper part

1993 – adjustable (open / closed) ventilation system in the upper part

1995 – quick viewfinder change system

1998 – The world’s first aerodynamic helmet spoiler

2000 – ventilation system in the upper part, combined in the rear spoiler

2007 – vibration reducing system

2012 – side ventilation ducts