Honda is everywhere – on air, land and water, even in mowing the lawn…

A beautiful summer morning, sip a fragrant coffee while watching your robot lawnmower take care of the beautiful lawn in front of your home… Then you turn it off your phone through a special app and sit behind the wheel of your hybrid CR-V and drive to your office. In the evening you enjoy your perfectly shaped bushes and blissfully sip your favorite drink, anticipating the wonderful long weekend. You intend to bounce to the sea and you will walk to a secret bay with the help of an RIB boat with an outboard engine. Even the wild wasteland does not scare you – you have your own generator. So your life passes entirely under the sign of Honda.

We have good news – in addition to Honda cars and motorcycles, Bultraco Motors has become an authorized dealer of the wonderful products from the Power Products division of the Japanese brand, represented by the company “Premium Motor” Ltd. in Bulgaria.

Did you know that Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world? The well-known emblem is worn by exceptional products, the purpose of which is to improve the lives of people in their everyday life. Cordless machines, water pumps, generators, blowers (for cleaning leaves), outboard engines, mowers, cultivators, snowplows, tractor mowers, brush cutters… if we include the Honda Jet business aircraft, we will see that the brand owns the space air, land and water. It’s no coincidence that Toshihire Mibe, the company’s new president, expressed hope when he took office that one day he would hear people say, “I’m grateful Honda exists.”

You will find the wonderful products offered under the Honda Power Products and Honda Marine brands in the showroom of the Chelopeshko Shosse 40 brand in Sofia or at the Bultraco Motors e-shop.

Miimo – The robot mowe

As one of the world’s leaders in mowing technology and advanced robotics, isn’t it logical for Honda’s first commercial robot to be a mower? Miimo fits into your life so you can focus more on the important things. The robotic lawnmower has automatic reloading and reliable blades for longer operation. In addition, it prunes garden waste and improves the condition of the grass by recycling the cuttings back into the ground.

The Generators

Honda generators are reliable and work in all conditions. All their details, including the legendary engines, are designed to be strong and reliable. They are characterized by low fuel consumption, excellent quality of electricity supply and low levels of noise and harmful emissions. Like any Honda product.

Outboard engines

Honda’s ultra-light and ergonomic outboard engines make sailing the quintessence of pleasure. They are designed according to the latest technologies, which guarantees maximum power at minimum masses, dimensions, fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Each Honda engine goes through a 4-stage process of protection in severe conditions, such as ultraviolet rays and extended stay in salt water. First, the base of aluminum alloy is sealed with a double layer of anode coating, followed by epoxy primer, acrylic aqua gray paint and finally – acrylic varnish.


In our showroom in Sofia, Nova Vrazhdebna, 40 Chelopeshko Shosse Str. Are exhibited most of the Honda products intended for the Bulgarian market. You can see and choose the most suitable model that meets your requirements.